3 Tips For a Great Speech

Tips for a great speech

The difference between a good speech and a great speech is in the minor details. Follow these 3 tips to take your speech to the next level.

1. Include specific details

People love it when they can see the scene you’re describing. Include vivid details when you give your speech. Paint a picture.

2. Don’t get too fancy

A great writer once said, “don’t use a big word if a small word will do.” This is especially true when giving a speech. Your audience will connect with you if you speak their language.

3, Make it personal

Share personal details and emotions to really hook your audience. Nothing keeps an audience interested more than heartfelt feelings simply expressed. Audience love stories. Give examples of the points you want to make from your own experiences.

What is an informative speech?

Tip for Delivering an Exceptional Speech


Dog and Woman underwater

When you are practicing your speech, make a mark on the paper to indicate when you should breathe. This will help your speech sound more natural. Sometimes in high-stress situations, like speaking in front of a group, we forget to breathe. These marks on your script will ensure that you don’t get to the end of a long passage and gasp for breath.